Facebook Business Manager: The Latest Features and Updates in 2021

The Facebook business manager offers many essential tools to help you shape your marketing strategy for this platform. Without Facebook business manager and its provided tools, you can’t expect to produce excellent results for your clients, such as hundreds of thousands of clicks on the website, thousands of registrations of leads and events, and huge sales. 

Facebook Business Manager: What is It?

Facebook’s free tool helps companies organize and manage their Facebook advertising pages and accounts without any compulsion to be tied to an individual’s account. It allows agencies and businesses to manage their company’s ad accounts, pages, pixels, and catalogs in one place securely without sharing the information of your login and being connected to your colleagues and coworkers.

Facebook Business Manager: 14 Digital Assets & The Latest Updates

Facebook Ad Account

It allows users to run sponsored ads on this platform. Now,  the users can create new ad accounts with the Facebook business manager. It is specifically essential if you have multiple websites or locations to post advertisements. Here, the users need to bear in mind that once they have created their ad account in your business manager, they cannot transfer their ownership afterward.

Your Users/Team

Facebook business managers allow its users to select their preferred people or partners to give specific access to their accounts. Here, the feature is essential because, at some point, you may need someone to manage your particular assets. For example, you may need someone managing your Instagram or Facebook store to access catalogs of your products and services.

Facebook Business Page

It can be viewed as the source of information that allows you to remain updated in real-time. The feature has made it easy for the billions of users active on social media platforms to connect with you and get to know whatever they want about your business.

Instagram Accounts

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it is quite evident that both platforms integrate a lot of things. The users can share stories, posts and even do advertising on it. Recently, Facebook has integrated Instagram profiles to the business manager, allowing its users to assign them to those they want to access. It will enable those people to create stories, posts, advertisements and manage your business on your behalf.

Facebook Apps

You can review, add, and assign your various apps on Facebook inside of the business manager. Facebook apps allow your fans to interact with your representatives and your business without leaving the platform more conveniently. It further accelerates the conversion rates. It is possible to give permissions to the third-party app within the business manager you use.

WhatsApp Account

In the year 2021, the users can connect their WhatsApp Business account to their Facebook business manager. WhatsApp features are quite similar to Facebook Messenger, but the only difference is that you need to attach your phone to WhatsApp instead of your profile. So, if the users have enabled their WhatsApp settings for business, they can manage several aspects from their Facebook business manager. You can create or access data sources within your Facebook business manager.

Commerce Accounts

Your commerce account is your Instagram or Facebook shop. It allows you to manage your catalog, run ads, and manage your shop online.

Custom Conversions

The users can create custom conversions once they have installed pixels. These are the URLs that you can use to track the location where someone has invited you. When the users have custom conversions and pixels established, it helps them identify what is working and what they can do to engage their target audience.


A product catalog is crucial when you are selling your products and services online through Instagram or Facebook. You can set up it and manage it from your Facebook business manager.

Offline Conversions

Offline conversions happened when someone was about to enter your store and buy something. Suppose you have collected any information such as email addresses from the particular customer. In that case, you can use this information to upload on Facebook and see the number of customers who saw your Facebook ad campaign.

Business Asset Groups

You can use this feature in various circumstances, such as if you have multiple websites and different brands, then the feature allows you to separate your assets into brands. The feature is the pretty advance that can be used by the people effectively who have a lot of assets to organize. For example, you use it if you have your business on multiple locations.

Shared Audiences

This is an advanced feature introduced in Facebook Business Manager. You can use the feature to give access to data from one account to another ad account. It allows you to share or combine any audience that you want. You can use the six key features to derive the most benefit from Facebook Business Manager, such as:

  • Facebook Ad Account– It requires amplifying your market and audience reach.
  • Facebook Page– It will help you to do any kind of marketing on Facebook.
  • Commerce Account– It is useful to sell your store or product directly on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Instagram Account- It is essential to advertise on Instagram.
  • Users- It is nice to use for accessing various apps and assigning permissions.
  • Pixels- It is required for tracking various purposes.

Lines of Business

The feature is appropriate for big organizations with multiple departments located in different places. For example, you may have to manage a large sales team, marketing team, and product team that may need various asset assignments. Then, you can do it easily, quickly, and effectively using this feature.

Social media tools like Facebook  Ads Manager and Instagram are the best marketing tools that you can use to build awareness about your product and brand. These social media tools are going through various changes and updates that you need to understand to tap their complete potential. Hopefully, the above-stated updates will be proved helpful in your marketing efforts.

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