Outsourcing Link Building: When & When Not?

Needless to say, link building, among many other essential aspects of SEO, holds the most important place. Getting high authority and relevant backlinks is important to increase the authority of the website. Since link building plays a vital role in ranking web pages on Google, all business owners and marketers are interested in getting link building. But, getting them can be the most time-consuming and complicated process also. To get more and more link buildings, people outsource link building or, in simple terms, hire agencies for link acquisition. However, this practice may be fruitful and may not also be depending on various factors.

Before outsourcing link building, you should know when and when not to do it. Once you are acquainted with the circumstances, you can easily decide every vital aspect of this.

When to Outsource Link Building

If hiring an experienced professional for link building is too expensive

If you trust the reports of Glassdoor, the average salary of a link builder even at the junior level is about 30 to 40k, while the extremely experienced may look for 100K USD yearly. Apart from salaries, you may need to spend on your in-house specialist also developing content specifically for link building. Besides, you may also need to pay to access backlink analysis tools. All these things will end up in a considerable expenditure. Looking at such a significant expense, it is better to hire an agency for link building.

If you need links immediately

If you need to get links immediately, then it is better to hire an agency. Agencies already have a tried and tested strategy for link building, whereas an in-house link builder needs to develop it.

If you need to educate your team about link building

Outsourcing link building can help you to exchange experience and knowledge. You can perceive outsourcing as an opportunity to learn many new things and educate your team about various aspects of link building. If you already have some experience and knowledge about link building, you can follow the agency’s strategies and see their working style.

If you want links that can take you a long time to acquire

Acquiring links is all about building relationships and connections. If you don’t have a strong circle of partners, it is difficult for you to get quick results from your efforts for link building. Usually, the best agencies involved in link building have a great established network of strong partners that help them to acquire more and more links as and when they need. However, before hiring such an agency, it is good to check whether they have strong connections or not.

If you need to scale up your current efforts for link building

Sometimes, brands and companies understand the importance of link building but fail to know how to approach it. It is better to hire a link-building agency that can review your strategy and help you select the most suitable one in such circumstances. Another point that compels clients to hire a link-building agency is problematic targets. For example, it isn’t easy to build links in commercial website pages organically. Link-building agencies are useful a lot in this respect.

When Should You Not Outsource Link Building?

No doubt, hiring link-building agencies are helpful in many ways, but they may become problematic for you also in many cases. To avoid any serious issues and other problems, you should know when not to outsource link building:

When You Need a Digital PR and Consider it Link Building

Several clients want to mention their brand name on the leading websites in their industry. They want it so that their popular resource says their brand. If you also have the same requirement, you need a digital PR and not an agency for link building as many people are starting searching for a link building agency. But, acquiring links from these sources will not work correctly for you.

When You Want to Build Links Without Having any Solid Strategy for SEO

Many clients failed to understand that SEO and link building are interconnected and ignore making a solid SEO strategy. They need to know that the results will only come if they make accurate links to the pages exact and optimized from the SEO standpoint. So, such clients should first prepare a solid strategy for SEO and then outsource for link building.

If Your requirements are Very Strict

Sometimes, clients’ expectations are too high from a link-building agency, and it turns into a big problem. You should not outsource link building if you want to acquire links from a specific site. Besides, don’t hire a link-building agency if you have a list of some websites you want to get links to. Also, don’t hire a link-building agency if you wish to link the web pages that already have enough connections and ranking well on search engine result pages.

If You Expect to Receive Referral Traffic From Links that the Agency will Build For You

A link-building agency can’t help you if you want referral traffic from the links that the agency has built. Steady referral traffic can only come through the various sources of organic traffic.

If You are not Interested to Communicate Your Feedback to the Link Building Agency

Communication is the most crucial aspect and key if you want your link-building agency to deliver the expected results. If you are not interested in communicating your feedback to the agency, you should not outsource link building.

If You Don’t have a Sufficient Budget

Outsourcing link building to an agency will cost you a fair amount of money. So, first of all, evaluate your overall financial situation and then think of outsourcing link building.

All in all, outsourcing link building is fruitful in every way. You will get links quickly, ultimately helping you increase audience engagement. But, you should also evaluate your requirements first and then step up.

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