The Best Social Media Tools Selected by Top Marketers

Marketers have to face a never-ending list of responsibilities. From advertising to customer experience and social media marketing, staying at the top is always challenging.

Fortunately, a wide range of social media tools is available in the market to help marketers stay productive and successful in their role. Social media tools for analytics, scheduling, content curation, publishing, discovery, and many more can be used to enhance performance and effectiveness. When it comes to social media, it’s like a jungle flooded with integrations, apps, and various add-ons. Among so many social media tools, which ones are the all-time favorite of influential online marketers?

Here are the best social media tools that can make your work much easier.


You can use the microblogging platform as the response vehicle. It allows you to communicate your appreciation and keep in touch with the people who support you.


The social storytelling capability of this social media network makes it the most favorite of marketers. It connects you more deeply and immediately with people than any other social media platform. You can use its various accounts ranging from personal ones, i.e., the Adam Padilla and Small Chalk, to corporate brands.


The tool allows you to find the trending influencers and the most shared content. With this tool, you can analyze which content has performed the best for any topic. It can help you understand the impact of social media and develop content strategies better. It will show you the pages that have received the most engagement by breaking the results down by Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Plus, it enables you to see which of your articles are performing well across various channels without monitoring that multiple social media channels constantly.


Buffer is considered the suite of tools for the brand building designed for the marketing and business teams to manage their accounts, schedule social media posts, and analyze performance. You can use it to set up a schedule for posting your content on various social media profiles.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer

The tool is excellent for finding the content that you want to share on your social media profiles through keyword notifications and setting up alerts for mentioning notifications. In simple terms, it provides a convenient way to give its users a comprehensive and fast look at the latest links and mentions of their content across the web.


The tool has gorgeous stock music, themes, and templates. It will take only a few minutes to turn your video clips and photos into a professional clip. Using the tool, you can add value to the lives of your audience in many ways.


The hybrid tool can help you survive and thrive in the digital worlds’ wilds by creating buttons for social sharing like WhatsApp, Flipboard, onsite, and SMS. It tracks your social counts on blog posts. Besides, it has an exciting feature that anyone will like, i.e., a pop capturing emails.

Tweeps Map

The tool gives its users a visual representation of the geographical locations of their followers. Further, the users can use this information to target the followers based on specific areas and produce valuable and relevant content.


The employee advocacy tool introduced by LinkedIn can be used to organize, share, and measure the performance of all the content that you have posted on the three main social media accounts, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Facebook Audience Insights

The tools tell you everything that you want to know about your audiences, such as purchasing behavior, location, lifestyle, education level, household information, job titles, and much more. When you understand your target audience and know about their demographics, behaviors, and interests, it becomes easy for you to produce the relevant content.

Twitter Promote Mode

The tool is excellent for people who want to promote their products or brands on Twitter. It saves their time and hassle from running ads manually on Twitter.


With the new changes introduced in the Instagram algorithm, it has become essential to post content at the right time. You can use this tool to process photos, upload and schedule content, and add hashtags to the first comment.

Sprout Social

The tool tracks many performance indicators like clicks and engagement and, most importantly, offers UTM tracking. With the UTM tracker, you can easily align your social media efforts with your efforts to drive and optimize traffic.


The super versatile and intuitive tool is excellent for creating SlideShare, presentation, or graphics for social media.

Rival IQ

The terrific tool is useful for comparing your engagement rate on social media and top-performing content versus your competitors. It includes custom, automated reporting and very easy to use.


 The tool helps its users understand their audience when their audience most likes to engage and search for followers who overlap with similar influencers and social profiles.


The mobile application can turn your quotes, content, and ideas into attractive graphics that you share on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


This single tool can drive you massive traffic in less time. You can set up this tool to share your content on selected networks a few times every day.


Sendible is packed with various features that you may find in many other social media management tools. Its features include keyword monitoring, team management, analytics, automated sharing through RSS feed, and scheduling. The most important thing that sets it apart is its ability to connect to several networks such as Slack, Delicious, Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Pocket many more. Apart from these, you can also use many other tools to improve your performance and drive more traffic. Some other equally beneficial tools include Ubersuggest, Repost, LinkedIn, Post Planner, Pocket, and SEMrush. Similarly, you can also use InShot, PromoRepublic, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Story DMs, Canva, ClickToTweet, Evernote, Qwaya, AgoraPulse, Brand24, etc. The best tool is you because its excellent writing that sparks interest and keeps other people engaged. So, focus on the craft of impressive writing. All other social media channels are always there to give you access on their website. But, only your engaging writing can hold everyone back to these platforms.

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