What is a Content House? Everything You Need to Know

Imagine you are in a house with at least 5 to 6 other people with access to social media and armed with smartphones. Well. It’s not about the Big Brother show. It is all about a content house. Now. Every one of you may have started thinking, what is a content house? What happens here? Does a content house have any meaning for brands? We have the answer to all your queries in this article.

Content House: What is It?

A content house can be a space or place where influencers and creators come together and collaborate. Sometimes, these content houses are also known as influencer houses or creator houses. Mostly, these houses have lots of great lighting, space, and a pool and cost a lot of money when it comes to paying rent. Content houses have been in existence for around a while; however, the rise of Instagram and TikTok is the catalyst for the explosion of these content houses.

The trend of content houses was made a trend by one of the highest-paid YouTube stars, Jake Paul, in 2017. He purchased a home for Team 10’s members to share. The purpose behind setting up content houses is to enable members to tag each other in their created content and expand their audience. Also, the content creators play off each other’s popularity to gain more and more popularity on their selected platforms. Besides, many content houses encourage the creators to collaborate on creating content and share industry and business knowledge.

Do Content Houses Benefit Influencers & Brands?

Content houses are helpful for influencers in many ways, as stated in the New York Times. Influencers can easily and quickly collaborate on content and can offer emotional and moral support. Brands also get influencers from content houses who help them to increase the reach of their brand.

Content House: Examples

There are a large number of content houses present everywhere with their ebbs and flows. Here are some of them for you.

Clout House

A Twitch influencer and YouTuber founded the content house, Ricky “Faze” Banks. The group was started as the group of players of Call of Duty. Later, the Faze group moved into FaZe Clan and Clout House, i.e., the two different houses. The house has occupied the mansion of almost 12,500-square-foot on Hollywood Hills. It boasts 13 bathrooms, ten bedrooms, several outdoor spaces with a pool, a theater, gym, game room, and several balconies.

Sway House

Talent X Entertainment founded the content house. It includes several high-profile names that belong to the platform of short-term video content, such as Griffin Johnson, Josh Richards, Quinton Griggs, Jaden Hossler, Anthony Reeves, Noah Beck, Kio Cyr, and many more. The content house has an occupied home of 8,500-square-foot with ten bathrooms, six bedrooms, a spa, a pool, a library, a sauna, a fireplace, wet bars, skylights, and an elevator.

Clubhouse BH

Abby Rao and Daisy Keech created the content house. It is associated with influencers such as Sebastian Topete, Tessa Brooks, Teala Dunn, Chase Keith, Kinsey Wilonski, Isabella Durham, and many more. The house has nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, scenic views, a library, a walk-in wine cellar, a meditation garden, and many other features.

Bay House

The content house is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was founded in the year 2020, November, and includes many influencers like Desiree Montoya, Danielle Cohn, and Jazlyn G.

Shluv House

The content house has included many big names like Spencer X, Jonathan Le, Jon Klaasen, Javier Romero, and many more. It has a pool, a beautiful grand staircase, floor-to-ceiling, a theater, etc.

Kids Next Door

The content house comprises eight teenage children who have amassed millions of followers on social media platforms. It has included Jesse Underhill, Stephanie Margarucci, Ona, Jack Riyn, Alex King, Claire Hesser, Beyond Brandon, and Olin.

Icon House

The U.K.-based content house includes several members like George Harrison, Luke Mabbot, Elis Watts, and Josh Ryan.

V@ult House

The content house run by marketing agency, Six Degrees of Influence, influencers are based in LA. It includes many big influencers like  Cayman Rhodes, Peyton Sama, Malcolm Saurez, Kiera Vanias, Keith Pichardo, Bryce Xavier, and many more.

The list has only a few names among tons of content houses that you can see everywhere. Some other content houses include Byte Squad located in Central London, Wave House, which includes members like Kate Elizabeth, Bobby Moore, and Millie T,  Vibe Crew L.A., which is the house of young creators ages between 10 to 15 and Faze Clan. These content houses provide a beautiful environment for creators to create the best and most engaging content to increase various brands’ identities.

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